Connecting Businesses and Customers with Personalized, Secure, and Evolving Wi-Fi Marketing.
Our Cloud-Based Software Captures Guest Data, Analyzes Visitor Metrics, and Automates Loyalty Marketing Effortlessly.
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The DNA of Digital Connectivity

Wifi Portal

Use existing guest wifi to create a branded customer portal for customers to log in.

Customer Analytics

Learn more about your customers with the data collected through an easy to use platform.

Automated Marketing

Prompt users to follow social media pages, or leave you with the best reviews quickly and easily.

Boost Reviews and Social Media Following

Connect with your new customers with marketing automation.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Turn new customers into returning advocates.

How does it work?
Guest Wifi

Your guests log into your guest wifi portal, where they will be prompted to log in via google, email or social media page.

Data Capture

Guaranteed GDPR compliance based on consent, the users data will be captured in the platform. You can use this data to understand your customers better and leverage for marketing purposes.


Make your customers true advocates with Adnecto’s automated marketing technology including Email, SMS and Social media. All in one place!

Platform Features

Log In Experience Design

Your WiFi, Your Design: Create Striking Guest WiFi Portals without Design Expertise. Tweak Captive Portals Instantly, Anywhere, Anytime!

Customer Insights

Instant Guest WiFi Insights: Capture Data Effortlessly, Delivering Customizable Reports for Analysing Trends and Analytics of Your Customers. 

Personalised Marketing

Design your own Email and SMS Templates to Automatically Send Notifications to Guests Using Triggers Set In our Automation Engine.


Effortless Integration, Smart Connections: Seamlessly Send Guest Data to Your Marketing Stack. Automate Email, SMS, and API Integrations with Intelligent Triggers and Actions!

Who is Adnecto for?


Drive customer loyalty with Email / SMS offers


Promote on site ammenties or drive personalised marketing based on set triggers. (Birthdays)


Engage customers with social wifi and understand customers better.

Real estate

Provide free wifi for vacation guests and drive social sharing and new reviews.

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Gather Customer Data & Automate Your Marketing


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